Get your own hotel spa bath

This is probably the most common request that bathroom designers can get-want to get a bathroom like a hotel bathroom or a spa bathroom!

First limestone or travertine tiling. It does not have to be a natural stone. There are many decent quality tiles that duplicate the same effect, but most are porcelain. Always choose large format tiles. 45cm x 45cm porcelain tiles are generally best, but throw them carefully against the wind and freely raise them to 60cm x 60cm. If the curves are uncomfortable, or if you plan to make a bathroom floor, take a look at some of the Botticino tiles. They are more expensive, but look around online-there are many decent deals. The effect is impressive in the shower room of the wet room. If possible, tile it against the ceiling or in the tone of the eve. With ivory broth, it blends well with the color of the limestone and doesn’t look like a white grid. If cost is an issue, place full-height tiles around the shower area and about 18 inches above the edge of the bath. Finish the tile edges with a sealer that decorates the color of the painted room, or use a nice chrome finish on the top flat edge tiles. You can paint other walls and place 6 inch tiles around the rest of the room. Then paint the remaining wall or ceiling in ivory or stone. The Dulux Neutrals series offers colors that complement this scheme and also bring out the colors of limestone. The nice thing about these painted walls is that you can give them a personal touch with framed photos that inject interesting elements into the space. Zinc Vanity: Something in dark wood color. The most expensive cabinets are made of wenge or American black walnut, and the cheapest cabinets are made of dark stain oak. In any case, these are the items to look for. Some come in a kit that includes a sink and trash can, but if not, choose one: Deck-mounted container or sink: Stick to minimalist white porcelain or look for something classy like glass or cast iron. Remember that you need to clean the glass! If you leave the debris in place after each wash, after a while it will look like an old item in anti-lime ads. A long monoblock sink mixer is needed to power the sink, and there are many manufacturers making this very long version of a regular sink faucet.

The space around the base of the sink can hold soap and hand cream dispensers, and the cabinet itself can be a cupboard or a convenient drawer. You can mount it on the wall (a little more expensive, but more spacious) or attach your legs. Add a nearby towel rack and perhaps a shelf (matching dark wood or glass). Hang a mirror over the sink with a matching dark wood frame for mounting in an empty cupboard.

Place wall lights on either side of the mirror: fluorescent or low voltage 20w halogen. It depends on whether you want a warm and relaxing light or a brighter, more refreshing and convenient makeup lighting in your sink. These lights should be placed on a separate switch so that they are turned on independently of the overhead lights. Ask your bathroom designer for an electrical design that will help you plan your lighting. Free-standing bathrooms are always suitable for enhancing the effectiveness of the hotel, but it depends on whether the plumbing can be routed through a wall or floor-mounted faucet. These are the only options to fill it. Otherwise, consider laying  Hotel spa alsace a regular bathroom. However, tile the bathroom panels with floor tiles instead of the standard bathroom panels. If you also need to take a shower, choose a nice minimalist glass bath screen that you can move around when you don’t need it. In this case, try using a thermostatic valve and converter to fill the bath when you turn it on or to get out of the shower when you deviate. This means that all copper utensils can be kept away from the bathroom counter, leaving more space for scents and candles!

If you want to set up a separate shower room, the natural choice is a wet room. Make sure the installer has previous experience, as you don’t want a leak on the ground floor. You are also restricted to rain or rain shower heads as the high pressure shower leaves the bathroom space and the rest of the bathroom. Unless you have a hinged or sliding door that changes your complexion a little. Don’t forget the chrome wire shower basket unless you’re lucky enough to have enough space to form the pole wall to make a mosaic hole for your bottle!

Some halogen lights on your own dimmer switch are essential. One on the sink drain, one on the toilet, two on each side of the bathroom, one on the shower (be careful not to cross the rain shower head; the light bounces from above One is just in front of the heated towel rail (white or chrome). Finally, try floating the toilet. You’ll need to line up the studs in the wall-mounted toilet, but the bathroom will have more space and look lighter. Remember to use a suitable wall-mounted frame, as toilets that hang only on studs tend to loosen. It’s not comfort. Or choose another minimalist wall-mounted or compact toilet. It should be slightly curved rather than square, as it blends into the calm atmosphere of the hotel’s spa bathroom.

Get your own hotel spa bath
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