Toronto Minister Sees Benefit of Podcasting

As churches attempt new techniques to deliver their message, one Toronto-area minister
believes video podcasting has a destiny inside the ministry.

Rev. Tim Elliott, honourary assistant at The Church of the Redeemer, and previous
rector of Christ Church Deer Park recently launched a video podcast of his
presentation Jazz for existence: A pathway to stability.

The presentation is a mixture of jazz piano, scripture and speech, and proposes that
improvisation, rhythm, listening and freedom are keys to residing a balanced existence.
Rather than being confined to a pick out institution who attended the event, each person can view
the presentation via downloading a replica of the podcast.

A podcast is an audio or video document posted on the Internet and available for
download. Users can enroll in the podcast and will automatically be knowledgeable of
new episodes as they are posted, stated Sean Paddison, president of Northstreams
Inc., the corporation that filmed, produced, and hosts Rev. Elliott’s podcast.

Video podcasting affords an possibility for church buildings to attain out to individuals who
may not typically be interested by attending a service, Rev. Elliott stated.

“If the message is available, if you don’t ought to visit church but you can
download the message and watch a podcast, you then may definitely be fascinated
in going to attend one [service] and turning into part of the Christian network,”
he stated.

Because podcasts are posted on the Internet, they are to be had to the complete
world, making every body a capability viewer or listener.

“Podcasting is a first rate manner to broadcast your message thru the Internet. It permits you
to take any recording of your carrier or sermon and put up it on line as a podcast,”
Paddison said.

“Once they had been uploaded to the Internet, podcasts are generally archived. So
no longer handiest can a person see the most recent provider, they could download a carrier
from every week, month or even a yr in the past, in the event that they wanted to.”

“Podcasting is the cutting-edge of Internet technology. Lots of people are doing it,
and even more are looking and paying attention to them. They are a extremely good opportunity for
humans to create high-quality productions with out massive price,” he said.

Churches regularly distribute cassettes, and inside the past have broadcasted services on
the radio. Rev. Elliott believes podcasts have the capability to be the following step inside the
evolution of distributing recordings of sermons and services.

A podcast could also enchantment to folks who are away on weekends or journeying and
need to live related to a church, or all and sundry seeking out a message, he stated.

“People that cannot come to church – that’s the aged, the close-ins and the sick –
the church historically has continually been involved about the ones parents,” he said.

Podcasting has potential because the clergy is revolutionary and frequently embraces new
techniques and technologies to supply their message.

“Most of the clergy that I recognize are particularly creative humans, and are typically looking
for opportunities for his or her own congregations to transport forward and do exciting
things in ministry,” he said.

He factors out that the clergy have been some of the earliest users of the Internet due to the fact
it supplied get admission to to a huge sort of music, so publishing offerings as podcasts is
pretty feasible.

Although Rev. Elliott sees the capacity for podcasting, he nonetheless thinks the high-quality manner to
worship is as a group.

“I don’t think there’s any substitute for being collectively spiritual podcast in person, but it is not
feasible nowadays. And so if humans need to live linked, there are
technological methods you may stay connected without having to be there.”

Toronto Minister Sees Benefit of Podcasting
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