Power partnerships: Torque & Patchworks

At Patchworks, we pride ourselves in partnering with some of the best technology providers the IT industry has to offer. From warehouse solutions to ecommerce platforms and beyond, we’ve joint forces with dozens of tech companies to help you harness the power of your software.

One of our biggest partners is Torque, an award-winning supply-chain service for fashion brands and retailers. Looking for a fulfilment solution? Our partnership with Torque helps you get the most out of their system.

What is Torque?

Torque is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, designed to help you keep track of your products throughout the fulfilment process. Torque’s innovative API handles iPaaS Vendors every aspect of the supply-chain service, from warehousing and fulfilment to processing, repairs and tailoring.

By giving you the agility you need to scale your operations, Torque makes enterprise achievable. And when you connect Torque to your other software, things get even better.

Build the ultimate shopping experience

When we integrate your Torque software through the Patchworks iPaaS, you get an automated channel of communication between your warehouse and your other systems.

Through scheduled syncs, your warehouse learns everything that happens on your online store – and vice versa. No manual data inputting or wasted resources necessary. Not only does integrating Torque save you and your employees time, but it also massively reduces the risk of human error – making fulfilment issues and overselling a thing of the past.

Our leading integration platform acts as the foundational layer for your IT infrastructure – and, with the ability to plug in new systems at any time, it’s designed to grow with you. What’s more, we connect your systems directly with Torque’s API, meaning you can utilise Torque’s software without investing in a costly integration.

Brands integrated with Torque

We’ve helped numerous well-known brands connect Torque to their other systems, giving them the flexibility they need to handle thousands of orders.

Here are a few of their stories:


Bluebella is one of the UK’s leading lingerie brands, sold from both their online store and from retailers like ASOS, John Lewis and Next.

After originally launching on a shared online store alongside a complementing fashion brand, Bluebella decided to replatform to their own Shopify Plus store, with NetSuite’s ERP powering their back-office operations and Torque handling their fulfilment.

It was Bluebella’s first time launching an ecommerce store with multiple systems feeding into it, so Patchworks supported them not only with their integration launch but also with their migration to Shopify Plus.

The strength of Bluebella’s integrated platform saw the brand’s growth increase by 200% in just six months from their launch. More importantly, they now have an IT ecosystem that’s built to handle their growth.

Power partnerships: Torque & Patchworks
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