Believing These 9 Myths About Employment Visa Hong Kong Keeps You From Growing

The government of typically the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) uses the following terms in order to distinguish between various types of occupants:

Ordinary residence

A new person who continues to be voluntarily and lawfully in Hong Kong to get a fixed goal (i. e. research, business, employment, residence) for any short or perhaps long time will be ordinarily resident within Hong Kong.


If the person will be ordinarily resident in the HKSAR and is not subject to any limit of stay he is usually “settled”.

Right regarding Home

The proper of abode implies that you can enter the HKSAR and be totally free from any situation of stay. In addition you cannot be deported or taken out from the HKSAR.

Right to Land

If a particular person loses the Right of Abode he automatically provides the correct to land. The only real difference between typically the Directly to Abode will be that an individual together with the Right to be able to Land might be deported through the HKSAR.

In either of the above instances you will get an identity credit card. Currently the Federal government issues two different types of identity cards:

�HK Permanent Identity Card, which states that this holder has the right of home in Hong Kong

�HK Identity Card, which would not state that right

Becoming an Ordinary Resident

You feel an ordinary resident if you successfully applied for students visa, investment visa of working visa for australia. Another option will be Residence as 输入内地人才计划申请the dependent.

Work Visa

You can get a work visa for australia if a nearby company wants in order to employ you in addition to you can resistant that somebody together with your qualifications can not be found regionally. Per law any kind of company has in order to make an effort to fill an open job position along with locals first.

Investment Visa

If you need to commit a notable quantity of money in a Hong Kong company and can demonstrate your need to be able to be in Hong Kong for of which, you can apply with regard to an investment visa. The requirements regarding this are often very high and numerous people opt regarding the work visa instead by using them self in their company.

College student Visa

Look at particulars on any college / government institution website.

Dependent Visa

If you are married to some person who is permanent resident or is required in Hong Kong, you may apply regarding a Dependent Visa for australia and subsequently for the Identity Card.

Getting the Right of Home + Permanent Identity Card

After more effective years of ordinary residence in Hong Kong you may apply to become a new permanent resident. Associated with course you have to really reside in the particular HKSAR for most of that time period, but the particular main focus of the particular government to problem permanent resident standing and the correct of abode is usually that you have filed your tax return and compensated taxed for the last seven years. Furthermore you could have in order to demonstrate why an individual choose Hong Kong as the location for permanent residency.

An easy method to get a work visa in addition to become a resident is setting up your personal company within Hk and using yourself. This furthermore allows you in order to get the right to abode in Hong Kong after seven years. You have got however more flexibility in deciding when you are in HK and when not if an individual are employed by simply your personal company.

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