Do Your Scuba Diving Behavior Change With Age?

Imagine back again to the sort of scuba diving you did in the course of your early a long time of certification. How do All those routines Evaluate to diving practices you have right now?

Hunting through my dive log not long ago, I recognized which i dove yr-round in my youthful yrs of scuba diving. Dependant upon where you are Possibly you think that diving twelve-months a calendar year is common operating process.

But I live in Indiana, along with the water below gets chilly commencing in November, and it does not heat significantly right until late May or early June.

We both dive in cold h2o for the duration of those Winter season months – or we head south. And an individual pursuing a job does not have Substantially family vacation prospect for too many scuba visits to warmer waters.

The coldest dive I located in my logbook took place with a December working day inside a stone quarry at Hidden Paradise Campground, Situated just outdoors the city of St. Paul, Indiana. That specific pond will not get further than thirty ft, even so the rock partitions pull the h2o temperature downward in cold temperature months.

The date of the dive was December 17, 1995, and a single Portion of my log entry reaches out at my eyes identical to highlighted phrases (they are not). It’s just a little assertion, and it claims, “Fingers bought chilly.”

About in this article the drinking water Typically keeps its heat until eventually mid-November, and cools swiftly following that. That never ever bothered me until not find this too long ago, but these days I shy faraway from diving immediately after Oct.

My scuba club is nearing 50-many years of existence, and Once i joined, the club held a neighborhood dive each month, twelve-months a yr. The last few decades diving scheduled for December, January, and February just went absent. Almost all of the associates are old enough since leaping into chilly h2o would not hold A lot attractiveness for them.

This year our March dive joins the list of “it ain’t happening.”

I do not mourn the lack of a March quarry dive. I much too experience the cold penetrating deeper than I am at ease with when I soar into h2o that, although not at freezing temperature, is cold more than enough to set my upper and lower tooth slamming at one another Virtually hard ample to help make me spit enamel chips.

I Considerably choose warm blue water diving in recent times.

That December dive introduced me Along with the coldest water temperature I recorded over a dive. My most depth was 20-toes, and I dove in 37-degree water temperature at that depth. The temperature with the floor was the identical, and back again then I experienced a lot more likely in to the drinking water than I did staying in.

Popping out of your drinking water I in the vicinity of ran for the campfire among the list of users had blazing for heat.

I in no way braved a January dive, which usually concerned slicing a gap within the ice, and I don’t see any entries in my logbook for February, but after (for the several years) I dove 10-months a yr during the chilly waters of Indiana, and nearby states.

As I search back on Individuals diving actions I wonder how I produced All those cold dives. No person ever accused me of having Substantially sanity.

Now if I give thought to diving amongst Oct and March my thoughts consist of tropical islands. I never made a dive I failed to certainly get pleasure from, although the pleasure doesn’t start out right until immediately after I am wet and deep. And each Winter season I uncover it harder to strap to the scuba equipment, and drag myself on the chilly h2o’s edge.

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