Everyone will look at as soon as they step in your house is the pumpkin head

a scary one will be ideal. If you have no slight idea on how you can design a terrifying pumpkin head, then take a look at the tips given below;

Select a perfect scary pumpkin that will make the crowd go crazy. The best pick would be orange, and after making your selection, get a knife and remove the uppermost part. The knife’s direction should be facing directly in the middle of the pumpkin, not to make any unnecessary cutting on any other factor.

Empty it by scooping out the cores from that part where the face is going to appear. Make it a point to clean it thoroughly to enable you to design a nice-looking pumpkin head.

When the cleaning part is done, the next thing is to draw the face onto the pumpkin. This can be made easy by using a sheet of paper on which you lay down the design of the head you want, after which it is placed onto the pumpkin. Draw the face on the pumpkin based on the plan you put down on the paper.

After putting the whole design on the pumpkin, you will need to use some bit of expertise to cut through the parts you have traced on the pumpkin. Proper care should be taken to prevent any damage unless you want the whole thing to be spoilt.

The decoration can then be done after the pumpkin has been left unblemished for some days being socked in oxygen water.

At the base of the pumpkin, you can place some candlesticks, which can then be lit on the main event.

A nice-looking Halloween pumpkin can efficiently be designed if the above guidelines are put into practice.

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